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Pack a Car for a Long Road Trip.

* Make a list - The list should be like entertainment, clothes, shoes, passport, visa (if necessary), etc.
* Make sure to have a small video player/a car TV/iPhone/iPod/iPad/tab, etc. - Anything that can be heard or seen like TV to watch and iPod to listen to music.
* Make sure to have your driving stuff like driving license, rental papers (if they are on rent), visa, passport.
* Make sure to have a list of restaurants & restrooms - Even hotels or lodges because if you miss your way then you can stay overnight there.
* Have a camera to take pictures of beautiful scenery - Even if it is desert, then take pictures of sand storms, old houses, camels, oxen, etc.
* Put all stuff in small bags.
* Take the map with you - If you lose your way then you can take back the highway road.

Posted on: Wednesday, Aug 23, 2014 12:10 am
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