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Buenos Aires has a very European feel to it. May stylish buildings that date back to the 19th century gave it its nickname of the Paris of South America. At the Sures Belgrano Suites hotel Buenos Aires you will be warmly welcomed and can expect a high quality accommodation and good service.An area of Buenos Aires not to be missed is San Telmo which is not attracting visitors with its high modernity but with a young and fresh charm that attracts people of all walks of life and is kind of the equivalent of New York's Greenwich Village. In San Telmo's streets you can see many of the 19th century buildings and villas that resemble styles from Paris, Rome or Madrid as the people of Buenos Aires were always following closely what is in in Europe at the time.Buenos Aires knows how to have fun. At night, the city offers a huge amount of entertainment possibilities. Nightlife and music can be very different. You could go to a Tango Dance club for the most authentic Argentinean experience or you can go to one of the huge clubs that play International dance music the whole night. Other interesting areas of Buenos Aires include el Teatro Colon, Plaza de Mayo and La Casa Rosada.Buenos Aires is one of the most trendy cities in South America with superb food, lots of new and modern design in architecture, fashion and others. Not to forget the unique music scene that combines modern music with the old traditions of the Tango dance which is still more than alive in Buenos Aires.

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