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Baglio Della Luna Hotel Hotel Italy Agrigento

Baglio Della Luna Hotel   Baglio Della Luna Hotel 4 stars

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  Baglio Della Luna Hotel, Hotel

The natural elegance of Sicily is evident in the rural setting offered by Hotel Baglio della Luna, a rare example of ancient Sicilian memory at the doors of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. A courtyard circumscribed by high walls, guest quarters, and an old tower immersed in a natural and exuberant landscape evoking a Greek and Arabic past, places that invite for an authentic experience.An extraordinary piece of paradise, set among courtyards, wall fortifications, a watchtower, and a terrace overlooking the breathtaking Valley of the Temples, where one can enjoy the cuisine of the restaurant in complete harmony with the Sicilian setting. This is Baglio della Luna, one of the better 4-star hotels of Agrigento.

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