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San Luca Palace Hotel, in a medieval square, dating back to 1540, placed at the start of Via San Paolino, an ancient tract of the \"Decumano\" which runs from Piazzale San Donato to Piazza San Michele, the doors of San Luca Palace Hotel have opened. A large superior 4 star hotel on 4 floors with 17 Junior Suites, 3 Suites, 4 doubles and 2 singles; sought-after for its elegant furnishings and technology, offering maximum comfort and more aligned to the demands of national and international tourism.The 1540 square, rising in the area where you can stop with good probability in following recent archaeological findings, was the site of the Marchese Palace when, in the centuries prior to 1000, Lucca was the capital of the Marquis of Tuscany.Successively, the zone was destined to the hospital of San Luca, founded by the Court of Mercanti in 1262. This era was present of 11 of these so-good called hospitals in the town, reserved to welcome merchants and wayfarers. Nevertheless, this in particular drew great trust, as they were directly administered by the Merchants Court.The grand complex was divided into two sections: one part reserved for men that dwelled between the crossroads and the medieval walls, and the other dedicated to the welcome of women, opposite the Santa Giustina monastery current Registry Office.Close to the lodgings, were artisan businesses such as barbers, craftsman, bakers and tailors.Annexed to the building there was also a church, demolished at the start of the 20th Century; this was officiated by the Curia, but the access of the clergy was subordinated by permission from the Merchants Court.Thanks to the attentive restoration work and to the creation of the San Luca Palace, the Palace returns today to its ancient vocation of hospitality.

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