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Location: City Center

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  Quinta Das Lagrimas, Hotel

Quinta Das Lagrimas is not just a refined ‘Hotel de Charme'. Besides its comfortable rooms, there is a past rich in history and a medieval legend of love.The environment, the atmosphere and the service at Quinta Das Lagrimas Hotel, all recreate the romanticism of past centuries, while offering all modern forms of comfort. Individually decorated spacious rooms, with direct access to the garden, provide an atmosphere of privacy. The sitting rooms, balcony and the hotel library are both striking and inviting, providing perfect retiring places for reading and conversation. Throughout the house, there are signs of the illustrious visitors who have passed through, seeking memories of Pedro and Ines. The hospitality with which these personalities were received in the past is the same which the Quinta Das Lagrimas Hotel shows to its guests today.

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